Welcome to Neat Street! Three Ways to Get Less Clutter with Less Waste!

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Neat Street is the place to go for minimalist accessories and essentials. Our mantra here is Less Clutter with Less Waste. So, without further ado, here are three ways we help you achieve just that.

  1. Grip6

The Grip6 Classic Bestsellers: Ninja with Gray, Gunmetal with Mocha, and Granite with Black

The only belt with no holes, no flap, and no bulk is not only super simple, it’s also extremely effective. It keeps your pants in place, looks great, and lasts forever. You can switch around your straps and buckles, too, which means having two belts is like having four!

Organize your belts with this nifty Grip6 belt hanger.

 You can browse and buy Grip6 belts here.


  1. Zippies Reusable Bags

Zippies Medium Stand Up Bags: perfect for snacks!

As humble and versatile as a Ziploc, but reusable and super easy to clean. It locks tight, doesn't break or puncture easily, and can be used in the freezer. You can use it to organize food or leftovers, make up, cash, and almost anything that fits your hands.

It's not just for food!

 You can browse and buy Zippies Reusable Bags here

  1. Airscape Airtight Canisters

Airscape Lite Canisters: keep food fresh for longer!

Keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too with this ultimate storage solution. Its unique design forces out all the air from the container, keeping your coffee, tea, cereal, and nuts fresh for the longest possible time. Their vibrant colors or clear walls help you organize even as you stack them in your cabinets or on the shelves.

Candy, pasta, herbs, cereals, nuts, and whatever else you fancy!

 You can browse and buy Airscape canisters here


So there you have it. Three ways to get less clutter and less waste. Every brand we offer has to pass these criteria. That's a promise.

Thanks again for coming over and reading until the end. Please stick around, browse what's available, and feel free to contact us at neatstreetph@gmail.com for any questions. Remember to check back often for new items and new brands, too!


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