Six Reasons Why Grip6 is the World's Best Belt

What’s a Grip6 belt? Definitely the best minimalist belt in the world, if not just the best in the world. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are the six reasons why:

  1. It grips well.

A belt’s most basic function is securing your pants. Unlike regular canvass or nylon belts, a Grip6 belt doesn’t loosen on accident. Ever. Its patented design helps it grip tight when you want it to. Once you secure it, not even 2000 lbs of outward force will pry it loose. The grip works so well that they now call it Badger Bite.


 Bet your stomach can't pull as hard as a grown man.


  1. It’s extremely tough.

Other belts have multiple moving parts for the buckle alone, any of which suffers wear and tear and so eventually breaks. Leather belts have it even worse as the strap will crack at the spot where you usually cinch it. With a Grip6, the buckle is a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, while the strap is a special weave of Nylon 6,6. When you wear your Grip6 belt, nothing moves, so there’s almost zero wear and tear. That’s why they offer the A3 Guarandamntee: if your belt breaks for Any reason, at Any time, and under Any condition, Grip6 will replace it with no questions asked.

You can lift a 200-lb machine with it, but we suggest you don't try this at home. 


  1. It’s very comfortable.

At only 80 grams for the whole belt, your Standard Grip6 Classic belt weighs as much as a regular belt’s buckle. The buckle is slightly curved to follow your waist. The strap tucks into the inside of the belt, eliminating that pesky flap. And the whole belt’s flat profile means it won’t pinch your gut on accident, guaranteed. When you put on a Grip6 belt, you just forget it’s there.

Probably not light enough to make you fly, but it's pretty close.


  1. It’s infinitely adjustable.

If you’ve ever eaten at an all-you-can-eat buffet (or samgyupsal, whatever you fancy), you’ll know that sometimes your waist grows from 30” to 30.5” or 30.31416”. Your regular belt doesn’t care about that, but your Grip6 understands. Just discreetly adjust your Grip6 when it’s time for the fourth or fifth plate.

No holes = No problem! Your Grip6 is exactly as big as you need it to be.


  1. It’s easily interchangeable.

When you buy two Grip6 belts, you actually end up with four belts. That’s because you can swap around the buckles and straps in a matter of seconds. Every Standard buckle is compatible with every Standard strap.

Take your pick!
  1. It looks great everywhere.

Sleek, clean lines. Vibrant and classy colors. Awesome designs. Expert craftsmanship. No matter the venue or occasion, there’s a Grip6 belt that looks just right. Check out our upcoming post on when and where you can wear your Grip6.


Looks great outdoors or indoors.


Looks great even in the office.


There you have it! Six reasons why Grip6 is the world's best belt. 

Join us again soon when we talk about the four not-so-secret things that make a Grip6 belt work. Until then! 

Team Neat Street


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