4 Not-So-Secret Things That Make a Grip6 Belt Work

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The first thing that comes into a person’s mind when seeing a Grip6 belt in action is: WHAT?

Like this, and just as handsome.


As in, what is that? How do you make a belt that grips tighter than any other belt, but still be lighter AND tougher? And you can swap the buckles in seconds? Is it false advertising or is it too good to be true?

Well, just to assure you that it is exactly as good as advertised, here are 4 things that make a Grip6 belt work.

(Hint: it’s not magic, but it sure looks like it!)


  1. Minimalist Design

The foundation of the Grip6 belt is its simplicity: it only has two solid parts, the buckle and the strap. Because there are no other moving parts, less things get worn down.

Don't believe us? Count for yourself.


Like a canvas belt, a Grip6 strap doesn’t have any holes, so you don’t have just one or two holes getting worn down. Unlike a regular canvas belt, a Grip6 buckle doesn’t use teeth to secure the strap, which means less wear on the strap. How the buckle lies against the strap leads to enough friction to keep it from loosening, until you decide to loosen it yourself. Engineering magic!


  1. Specialized Materials

Complementing the design are the materials. The buckle is made of aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum, making it super light yet tough enough to withstand anything we’ll meet on a daily basis.

Unless your daily basis looks like this.


Carbon fiber belts are even lighter and every bit as tough! (This also means people with nickel allergies can freely wear Grip6 belts.)

Did we mention the Carbon Fiber belts look gorgeous?


The strap is made of nylon 6,6 which is stronger than the usual nylon used for belts. The special weave Grip6 uses makes it resistant to fraying and also improves the friction with the buckle.

Stronger, lighter, and less animal cruelty compared to genuine leather. 


  1. Superior Craftsmanship

Every Grip6 belt is manufactured by a proud American craftsman in the Grip6 workshop in Utah, not by some minimum-wage earner in a sweatshop (or worse). The men and women responsible for making every Grip6 belt are all Grip6 lovers themselves and are constantly looking for ways to make the belts even better. They work with engineers on how to improve their manufacturing processes, which means products can only get better over time.

A sneak peek inside the Grip6 production line.


  1. Attention to Detail

They say small things make a difference, and that’s true in a Grip6 belt. The lock at the inner end of the strap is sealed on instead of just glued on, ensuring that it won’t come off even when you try. The slight curve of the buckle lets it lie as flat as possible against your body, eliminating any bulk at all and preventing the dreaded Gut Pinch. The buckle’s finish is also a deliberate choice, bringing out the best in comfort, safety, and aesthetics.

The result? You get a belt that is tough, looks great, and almost feels comfortable enough to sleep in. 

Not a lie.


And those are the four not-so-secret things that make a Grip6 belt work! Don't forget to check out the Six Reasons Why Grip6 is the World's Best Belt.

Join us again soon when we talk about how to style your Grip6 belt for every occasion. Until then! 

Team Neat Street

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